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South-Central Virginia’s Premier Homebrew Club

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We are Homebrewers!

MASH is committed to providing an outlet that fosters homebrewing growth and education. Even though drinking was involved in the inception of this elite group of homebrewers, our objective has always been crystal clear: Build a community of awesome homebrewers who constantly learn from one another.

We’ve got the Talent!

Our Membership is a serious pool of talent that ranges from award-winning homebrewers, homebrew shop owners, commercial brewers, professional beer bloggers, and generally awesome individuals. Some of our members started brewing here, then opened their own commercial breweries. We’re so proud!

Meetings are the Bomb!

At every meeting, we gather around to catch up, share homebrew, and talk beer. We’ll always have an educational presentation from a club member or a member of the community such as a local brewmaster, shop owner, or another brewing expert. Often, our meetings are on site at one of the many RVA area breweries!

Membership Includes:
  • A Shared Social Network of Like-Minded Brewers
  • Monthly Club Meetings
  • Quarterly Club-Only Competitions/Collabs with local breweries.
    • Winning Beer is Brewed on a Commercial Scale!
  • Discounts at area retailers & establishments
  • Club-Only Parties & Brewery Excursions
  • And Much More…


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Come to a Meeting!

With such strong connections and a wealth of knowledge, you’re bound to learn something new at every meeting. Stop by & join us every 3rd Thursday of the month at Extra Billy’s Smokehouse & Brewery in Midlothian, VA.

MASH / P.O. Box 1624 / Midlothian, VA 23113 / USA


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